sera marin stream pump SPM 8000

Stream pump for marine water aquariums above 100 liters (26.4 US gal.)

This energy saving and compact pump (28 W, max. 8,000 l/h/2,113 US gal./h) allows agitating the water in a marine water aquarium similar to nature.

Water does not only transport heat energy, oxygen and CO2 but also metabolism breakdown products. The better aquarium water blending is, the more evenly the water parameters in the aquarium, and filter devices, such as skimmers, can be adjusted more easily.

The SPM 8000 can safely be attached to the aquarium glass by an included clamping lever suction cup. The ball joint on the clamping lever suction cup provides the pump with an excellent operating range.

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sera marin stream pump SPM 8000

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