sera pond pumps PP

Pond pumps for pond filters, brooks and fountains

The sera pond pumps PP combine features important for modern pond keepers:
The pumps are located maintenance friendly within a beautifully shaped basket with handle, which provides the pump with good standing area within the pond and protects it against coarse particles. The pumps are equipped with an optimized impeller, which largely prevents clogging and thus prolongs maintenance intervals.

The asynchronous motor saves energy but is powerful at the same time. The pumps therefore provide higher pressure with larger pumped volumes and less energy consumption.

The pumps are mainly designed for being placed within the pond, but can also be installed dry without the basket. All models are equipped with protection against running dry, which prevents the pump from overheating and switches it off. All sera pond pumps PP include a variable hose connector.

Technical data:
230 V ∼ 50 Hz, TÜV, GS, CE

Product name SAP-Mat.-Label Content Item no. SAP-Mat.-Number

sera pond pump PP 3000

pond PP 3000 Teichpumpe 230V/50Hz D/..
1 pc. 30075 80403

sera pond pump PP 6000

pond PP 6000 Teichpumpe 230V/50Hz D/..
1 pc. 30076 80404

sera pond pump PP 9000

pond PP 9000 Teichpumpe 230V/50Hz D/..
1 pc. 30077 80405

sera pond pump PP 12000

pond PP 12000 Teichpumpe 230V/50Hz D/..
1 pc. 30078 80406
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