The aquarium assortment grows

Addition to the aquarium range

The aquarium covers sera Scaper Cube Cover and AquaTank Cover add another component to the aquarium combination assortment. The black covers in a timeless design are a sophisticated construction that allows a flexible, individual lighting combination.

The sera Scaper Cube Cover is an aquarium cover for all sera Scaper Cubes (48, 64 and 80 liters) (12.7, 16.9 and 21 US gal.) as well as all other aquariums with a base area of 40 x 40 cm (16 x 16 in.). The sera AquaTank Cover is a cover for all sera AquaTanks (96, 128 and 160 liters) (25, 34 and 42 US gal.) as well as all other aquariums with a base area of 82 x 40 cm (32 x 16 in.).

Versatile and individual

Using the sliding clips on four aluminum brackets, up to three longer LED Tubes (660, 520) or even six shorter LED Tubes (360) can be combined in the AquaTank Cover and rotated and moved in the desired orientation. Up to three shorter LED Tubes (360) fit into the cover of the Scaper Cubes. With the help of two additional clips included in the delivery, the Moonlight Tube of the sera LED Moonlight Set can additionally be installed, so that a moonlight simulation similar to nature is possible.

The lid can be opened for maintenance work and can of course also be removed completely if required, e.g. in summer for cooling. The aluminum holder with the LEDs can also be set up separately so that work in the aquarium can be carried out more easily. With the integrated cable guides and cutouts for filter inlet and outlet, the integration of technical accessories is also visually inconspicuous.

In addition, the sera AquaTank Cover and sera Scaper Cube Cover are equipped with a food flap (11 cm x 5.5 cm) (4.3 in. x 2.2 in.) with Easy Click system, so that automatic feeders such as the sera X-Feeder can also be set up very easily.

A cover for all cases

The benefits of a cover are many. For example, it serves to protect the fish living in the aquarium by preventing them from jumping out and protecting them from other pets. In addition, it keeps out dust and dirt and prevents the formation of a biofilm layer.

At the same time, a cover is also a useful addition to save electricity: With its help, about 40% energy can be saved, because significantly less water evaporates. Evaporating water creates evaporation cold, which in turn must be compensated for by the heater in an energy-intensive manner. In a closed aquarium, however, not only the water temperature is kept as constant as possible. At the same time, it also has less influence on the humidity in the room, since less water vapor is released into the environment. Regular refilling of aquarium water is also significantly reduced. More tips for saving energy are also available on the sera YouTube channel and in the following video.

Can be combined as desired

Both the sera Scaper Cubes and the AquaTanks can be freely configured according to personal preferences and adapted to individual requirements by different lighting variants and cabinets. In addition to the new cover, acrylic glass holders and aluminum housings are also available for mounting the illuminants. If desired, they are also available as a set with illuminant and ballast. The existing sera aquarium concept was therefore not only sensibly expanded, but also restructured and supplemented by additional product bundles, such as the Scaper Cube and AquaTank Light Sets.

Another innovation: All sera aquariums now include the sera X-Edge internal filter. The corner filter can be discreetly placed in the tank and has two outflow options: in addition to the duck beak nozzle, which can be used to increase the oxygen supply if desired, a spray bar is included in the delivery. For cleaning, the filter can simply be levered out of its holder, leaving the retaining plate including suction holders in the tank. In addition to a fine filter mat, which can also be replaced during operation, the X-Edge filters have a coarse filter sponge and the biological filter medium sera siporax mini.

Thus, the entire aquarium assortment not only gets a technical update and additional selection options, but also a new, uniform structure at the same time. All items, whether lighting, aquarium or cabinet, are now available individually or individually configured.

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