sera filter biostart

For a beautiful and perfectly healthy aquarium

sera filter biostart

The metabolism of the aquarium fish strongly pollutes the water with organic debris. Insufficient bacterial breakdown leads to strong water pollution and unpleasant odor.

The filter starter sera filter biostart provides help in this case. Billions of purification bacteria as well as biologically highly active, natural enzymes activate the aquarium’s self purification immediately and with long-term effect.

Unsightly sludge deposits and unpleasant odor, caused by dissolved organic pollutants, are history with sera filter biostart.

The further breakdown processes within the aquarium filter are considerably accelerated, as sera filter biostart perfectly prepares further pollutant breakdown by sera bio nitrivec: An optimally balanced team working hand in hand! Improved water quality with considerably reduced pollution will be the result – clearer and odorless water as well as more vivid and healthier aquarium fish will be the reward.

The valuable biocultures work best under optimal environmental conditions. Therefore, sera siporax is an ideal high performance filter material for being settled by sera filter biostart and sera bio nitrivec.

sera filter biostart is very economic: 5 ml are sufficient for as much as 200 liters of aquarium water!

Of course sera also thought of the pond keepers: The pond version of this important biological water conditioner is named “sera pond filter biostart”!

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