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"Crystal Red" shrimps in a 25 liter aquarium

Hello, possibly, the orange animal is a dwarf crayfish (Cambarellus patzcuarensis 'Orange', often referred to as "Mexican Orange" dwarf crayfish)? 10 - 15 animals are alright;...

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“Bolas de musgo” / Quantidade de alimento

Olá, Quanto à “bola de musgo/condições/multiplicação”:Na verdade, não é musgo, mas sim uma alga verde (que, neste caso, é desejável).É suficiente colocá-la no aquário e lavá-la, caso...

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Amyloodinium (Oodinium) upon adding new fish

Hello, independently from the original question: I urgently recommend keeping new fish in quarantine for approximately 4 weeks if possible as to prevent this kind of thing. This...

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Ancistrus catfish has large white blotches

Hello, this is rather likely not a disease at all: A bright blotch pattern is the typical fright coloration of Ancistrus catfish, it quickly becomes normal again. Cloudy skin slime...

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Neolamprologus brichardi offspring / Does Synodontis petricola show cuckoo behavior?

Hello, Concerning "feeding fry":The fry can soon get the "entirely normal" food - small particles are of course easier to eat. sera Vipagran Baby is particularly well suited. Concer...

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Trigonostigma (formerly: Rasbora) espei are courting

Hello, Concerning "spawn":this indeed sounds as if there will be offspring soon! Concerning "water parameters":the water should be soft and slightly acidic, peat filtration is...

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