sera donates a fully equipped aquarium to local kindergarten

During the flood disaster in July 2021, the AWO kindergarten in Geilenkirchen was flooded and a large part of the facilities were damaged. The aquarium in the entrance area was also severely damaged and could no longer be used. After prolonged renovation work, the kindergarten was able to move back into the just renovated rooms at the end of the year. Unfortunately, however, the financial means to replace the aquarium were still missing. As sera heard about this, it was soon clear that sera would help.

sera donated a 160 liter (42 US gal.) sera AquaTank, including a cabinet, technical equipment, decoration as well as fish and plants. "We are particularly pleased to introduce even the youngest children to the educational aquarium hobby in this way and to offer them an oasis of calm by means of this underwater world," explains Oliver Helker, sera Press Officer, who himself is an aquarium enthusiast since early childhood.

Not only the children are happy about the new aquarium. Ms. Billmann, head of the kindergarten, reports that especially at drop-off and pick-up time, the kindergarten teachers observe parents who stay at the aquarium with their children and start a conversation together. She sees this as a great opportunity to expand the children's vocabulary on this subject.

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