The sera calendar 2023 is available in the specialized trade from now on

From now on, the sera calendar 2023 is available for free with an issue of approximately 300,000 copies worldwide in the specialized trade and for download on

sera asked aquarium, terrarium and pond keepers via the social networks to submit their most beautiful photos for the sera calendar also in this year. Over 400 pictures were submitted. The 12 most beautiful ones were chosen from the submitted photos and printed in the sera calendar 2023.

Everything ranging from various freshwater and marine fish up to invertebrates and different reptiles is included. It is impressive to see which beautiful shapes and facets the aquarium and terrarium hobbies have.

The photographers who took the winning photos received an extensive product packet which was compiled according to their desires. And a free choice sera Scaper Cube was raffled among all participants of the event. Many thanks again to everybody who took part and submitted their pictures.

Photos for the calendar 2024 can already be submitted now: simply send them to socialmedia(at)sera(dot)biz via e-mail.




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