Animal photos for the sera calendar 2019 wanted

Just like last year, the sera calendar event 2019 will also take place on Facebook. All sera Facebook aficionados are being asked to send their most beautiful animal or nature photos along with their Facebook name and their contact data to the e-mail address socialmedia2(at)sera(dot)biz. The prize game takes place as follows: the participants become aficionados of the sera Facebook page - if they are not already - and have the opportunity to send in one or even several photos for the contest until July 04,2018, 10 a.m. CEST/CEDT. To qualify for the contest, a photo must be of high resolution (300 dpi, 297 x 210 mm, landscape format!), and the image must be from the aquarium, terrarium and pond care sections. Furthermore, participants must be over 18 years old and have their domicile in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Spain, Portugal, France, England or Italy. To the detailed participation terms and conditions:

The submitted photos will then be viewed by sera, and a selection of the best photos will be uploaded to Facebook on July 6, 2018. Then it is again the turn of the Facebook users: they can vote until July 16, 2018 which photos will be published in the calendar. The twelve photos with the most “Likes” will be made a calendar image, and the winners will additionally receive a big product packet consisting of:

  • sera Biotop Nano LED Cube 16
  • sera Vipan Nature 250 ml
  • sera San Nature 250 ml
  • sera Flora Nature 250 ml
  • sera siporax algovec Professional
  • sera aquatan 250 ml


To the photo event: Link to Facebook


Extension of the deadline for submittal: Monday, July 09, 2018, 10 a.m. CEST/CEDT


Entry rules sera prize game // sera calendar event 2019


By participating in the prize game, the participant agrees to the entry rules.

Everybody who is at least 18 years old and whose residence is in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Spain, Portugal, France, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland or Italy, is eligible. Employees of the organizer as well as employees of cooperation partners who are or were taking part in setting up and running the prize game are excluded from participation.

Publishing time of the post starts the prize game, the end is expressly specified in the corresponding prize game. It is only possible to participate once in a prize game. In case of multiple participation or manipulation, the prize game organizer reserves his right to exclude participants also from future prize games.

Prize game course

Participation requires that the participant is an aficionado of the sera Facebook-page and submits an animal or nature photo from the aquarium, terrarium or pond care sections, which is of high resolution (300 dpi, 297 x 210 mm, landscape format!) and meets the requirements (see 4., Copyright and granted rights). It is possible to submit several photos, but only one photo per participant can be chosen for the contest. After the terminal submission date, the photos will be viewed by the organizer and checked concerning their quality and suitability for the sera calendar 2019. The chosen photos will be uploaded to the sera Facebook page in an album on July 06, 2018. All Facebook users can now vote which twelve photos will appear in the calendar by using the “Like” function. The 12 photos with the most “Likes” win the contest and will appear in the sera Facebook calendar.


The originators of the 12 photos that receive the most “Likes” until July 16, 2018, 10 am CEST/CEDT will be confirmed as winners. The prizes for the winners are a product packet each, consisting of the sera Biotop Nano LED Cube 16, sera Vipan Nature 250 ml, sera San Nature 250 ml, sera Flora Nature 250 ml, sera siporax algovec Professional 210 g and sera aquatan 250 ml. Cash payment is excluded. In case a prize is not available anymore in the announced form, the prize game organizer reserves his right to send a prize of equal or higher value instead. Possibly occurring taxes arising from the prize are to be paid by the winner.

After the prize game has ended, the winners will be contacted by the organizer via Facebook and be mentioned by name in the comments corresponding to the prize game. Due to the privacy settings, winners are generally obliged to contact the organizer and submit the shipping address for the prize. After the respective prize game has ended, winners have 5 days time for accepting the prize by contacting the prize game organizer, afterwards any prize claims will be void. Prize claims will also be void in case of providing wrong contact information, wrong shipping address or not picking up the prize from the respective forwarder if the prize could not be delivered for this reason.

Prizes will only be shipped to addresses in the above mentioned participant countries and within 2 weeks upon announcing the winner.

Copyright and scope of rights

By submitting a photo to, the participant allows the sera company to publish the picture on the sera fan page under addition of his Facebook name and, if applicable, the personal comment. This requires that the participant is the author of the uploaded picture. Using pictures from other sources, for instance from the Internet or from stock photo providers, is expressly not permitted.

The participant assures that he holds all rights on the submitted picture, that he holds the unrestricted exploitation rights of all parts of the picture, that the picture is free from third party rights and no personal rights of persons were impinged upon. In case third parties should nevertheless put in a claim due to breach of their rights, the participant will indemnify the organizer from all claims.

sera reserves the right to delete pictures containing or representing insults, racism and hate speech, pornography and obscenity, calls for violence against persons, institutions or enterprises. Participants grant the organizer the locally, temporally and with regard to contents unlimited, non-exclusive right of use, including the right for publication, duplication and editing, at the submitted picture for the prize game and reporting about it. This in particular applies for publishing the picture in social networks such as Facebook or on Furthermore, sera receives the rights for editing (in particular electronic image processing) and usage for the sera calendar 2019. The above transfer of usage rights take place without payment.

By participating, the participant agrees to the photo contest rules.

Privacy protection

The organizer collects and used personal data of participants exclusively for conducting the prize game according to the legal provisions. Participants can at any time in writing or in text demand information from the organizer concerning which personal data is being stored by the organizer. They can at any time demand their correction and deletion. When participating in the prize game, participants agree their name is mentioned in public on Facebook, the sera homepage and in printed publications. All data will be deleted after the event and, in case of winning, the prize handling are finished. Participants agree that the collected data are being stored while the event lasts, and furthermore are only being used for prize handling. After the event is finished or prize handling in case of winning, all data will be deleted.

Participants have at any time the possibility to revoke their agreement for storage of their data, their e-mail address and their usage for the prize game. sera provides the contact opportunity via the web site ( for such revocations.

Liability exclusion

The prize game organizer is not liable for technical trouble arising during data transmittal. There is also no liability in case the prize game entry of the participant is not accessible, since the organizer has no influence on data transmittal and accessibility.

Indemnity clause

The entries (pictures, links and texts) of the participants must not contain insults, false facts nor offend against competition, brand or copyright regulations. Should third parties nevertheless put in a claim due to infringing their rights, participants indemnify the prize game organizer from all claims concerning their entries. By participating in the prize game, every participant obligates himself to be personally responsible for his possible statutory violations.


sera GmbH, Borsigstraße 49, D-52525 Heinsberg

Activities are in no way related to Facebook and are in no way sponsored, supported nor organized. Facebook is not the contact for prize games on the Facebook page of sera GmbH. Not Facebook, but sera GmbH is the recipient of the information provided by the participants. Data is being stored on the server there and being used exclusively for conducting the prize game. All questions, comments or complaints about the prize game must be directed to sera GmbH and not to Facebook. sera GmbH indemnifies Facebook from all damages, losses and costs (including legal fees and costs to appropriate extents), which may result from claims concerning the prize game (especially its publication and organization).

Termination due to important reasons

The prize game organizer reserves the right to interrupt or terminate a prize game entirely or in parts and without notice due to important reasons.

Change of participation conditions

The prize game organizer reserves the right to change these participation conditions. These changes will be effective for all prize games beginning after the respective change.

Due to the great resonance in the last year, sera again starts a photo contest on Facebook in 2018. We are looking for, in total, twelve animal photos from the aquarium, terrarium and pond care sections for the sera calendar 2019. Fascinating animal species, impressive underwater worlds, but also interesting common images have the chance to be included in the calendar. A big product packet awaits the twelve winners.

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