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Can I keep aquarium fish in a pond during summer?

Hello, plants growing up to the surface (floating plants and/or plants that reach the surface) should be present especially near the banks as to provide shelter (also from birds!). ...

Bassin Eau douce Poissons

Comment faire hiberner à la maison des poissons rouges vivant dans un bassin ?

Bonjour, Les poissons rouges peuvent passer l'hiver dans de l'eau froide (4 à 6° C) (ne pas les nourrir et assurer  leur calme). Dans la maison (y compris la cave), les températures...

Eau douce Bassin Matériel technique

Does a UVC clarifier harm useful bacteria?

Hello, all bacteria dwelling in open water and thus being carried past the UV light will be killed. Therefore, filter bacteria are usually not affected since they settle in the...

Eau douce Bassin Maladies

Severe infection of goldfish

Hello, this sounds like a severe parasitic infection, which is mostly caused/triggered by water problems (e.g. organic pollutants, nitrite). However, a proper diagnosis is,...

Bassin Soins

Total hardness for keeping Koi

Hello, no, not at all. The common pond fish (Koi, goldfish, orfes, sturgeons etc.) can also be kept in hard water without any problems. A connection between hardness and coloration...

Bassin Maladies

Treating fin rot in a Koi

Hello, sera pond cyprinopur is suitable in this case, if it is only a bacterial infection. Good water hygiene is also very important. The treatment can be carried out directly in...

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