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Freshwater Care Food

"Moss balls" / Food amount

Hello, Concerning "moss ball/requirements/multiply":This is in fact not a moss at all, but a (desired in this case) green alga.It is sufficient to just place it in the tank and rinse...

Freshwater Care

Blue-green algae / Cyanobacteria

Hello, Blue-green "algae" (more precisely: cyanobacteria, because they are actually not real algae but rather bacteria that are able to perform biosynthesis) unfortunately may be...

Freshwater Care

CO2 dosage

Hello, one bubble per 10 liters (2.2 US gal.) and minute, or 16 bubbles in this case, are a guideline. However, this is really just a rough value, as the actual requirement depends...

Freshwater Care Invertebrates

Continuously rising nitrate and phosphate levels / Snail invasion

Hello, Concerning "phosphate and nitrate levels":these pollution parameters are partially related to pollutants from tap water, but mostly to feeding. They therefore rise quickly,...

Freshwater Care Technical equipment

Divide sera CO2-Tabs into pieces?

Hello, this is not really necessary since the diffusion reactor itself ensures even distribution. However, there is nothing to say against it either - so if you prefer this method:...

Freshwater Care Fish

Do Otocinclus (Midget Sucker Catfish) damage plants?

Hello, no, healthy plant leaves will not be damaged. Only already damaged, softened plant parts will be nibbled at, if at all. In any case, the Midget Sucker Catfish require a...

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