Frequently asked questions


What do I have to consider when using sand as bottom material?

Hello, sand is generally well suited for aquariums, there are just two things to consider: The sand must be round grained (see "Types" below for details), and its grain size should...

Freshwater Diseases

What to do in case of dropsy?

Hello, dropsy (bloated belly) is in fact not the disease itself but the symptom of a severe internal infection (mainly of the kidney). A treatment can be carried out with sera...

Freshwater Care

What to do in case of brush algae?

Hello, the following approach is effective in the long run:regulate the ratio betwen nitrate and phosphate in a way that the plants are just sufficiently provided with nitrogen and...

Freshwater Care

What to do in case of floating algae in the aquarium?

Hello, reducing the nitrite value is of course good, since nitrite is very toxic for fish. However, it has nothing to do with algae growth. As an immediate measure, you can bind the...


What can I do against cloudiness?

Hello, cloudiness may be due to infusoria (micro organisms) or fine sand particles  being swirled up, this often occurs in aquariums that are not fully biologically mature yet. The...


Water smells bad

Hello, it is important to act without delay, because the unpleasantly smelling gases are very toxic for the fish! In case coarse gravel is used as bottom material, it is helpful if...

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