Frequently asked questions

Freshwater Technical equipment

Which fluorescent tube in the front position?

Hello, generally, you can position the lamps mainly according to your personal taste, but exactly this combination is indeed an excellent standard setup. Background: the plants then...


Which materials are suited for building caves?

Hello, generally, anything that allows drilling holes or being modeled and does not release toxic substances is suitable. Non-enameled natural clay (without additives) is...

Freshwater Care

Which plants are suitable for an aquarium with Goldfish and Koi?

Hello, mainly hard species such as Anubias spp. are suitable - these usually also tolerate the lower temperatures without problems. Harder pond plants are generally also suited, but...

Freshwater Technical equipment

Which pump is included with sera internal biofilter B 400?

Hello, the sera internal biofilter B 400 included a sera submergible pump P 700 adjustable - the maximum feed performance of this pump is 650 l/h (170 gph). Best regards sera GmbHD...

Freshwater Technical equipment

Which pump is suitable for the sera gravel cleaner?

Hello, it must push the air up to the bottom end of  the sera gravel cleaner (where the air passes into the main tube), that's all. Our sera air 110 plus is usually sufficient for...

Freshwater Technical equipment

Which pump performance for a 230 liter (50.6 US gal.) aquarium?

Hello, this mainly depends on the fish - i.e. whether you keep species from standing or slowly flowing waters or ones with a strong current. A general statement is therefore...

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