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Loricariids eat plants

Hello, this is going to be difficult once the Ancistrus found out they like the - apparently very tasty - Echinodorus. You can try herbal food tablets (sera Spirulina Tabs) or sera...

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Maladie des néons

Bonjour, Certaines autres espèces de characins peuvent également être touchées par la véritable maladie du néon (causée par les sporozoaires de l’espèce Pleistophora - on trouve...

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Neon tetras with bloated bellies

Hello, females ready to spawn (which is rather uncommon in aquariums) do not become apathetic, therefore it sounds more like a disease. Of course, this cannot be determined without...

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Newly added Cardinal Tetras are pale

Hello, Concerning"pale Cardinals/blackwater aquarium":this is indeed possible, and it can also simply be due to fright when transferring them. This should then become better in two...

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Newly added plants turn yellow / Leaves decompose

Hello, this is absolutely normal with many plants - they also need to adapt. Especially the species with large leaves (e.g. Echinodorus spp., Anubias spp.) are originally swamp...

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Nitrate breakdown with sera siporax: What kind of filter is suitable?

Hello, an external filter is possible. The filter type isn't that important - both internal and external setups will work just fine. The setup is pretty simple: the first step is...

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